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Reset password that was forgotten or expired more than 2 weeks. In case that password was expired in 2 weeks, you can change password following normal process in password change page.
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If the SMS number is different or the passcode is not sent to you, please contact IT Helpdesk
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How to change password

Please change your password by following Doosan password policty below.

New Password

  • 1. Minimum password length is 8 characters.
  • 2. New password cannot be changed to 4 passwords that were used recently.
  • 3. New password must contain at least three types of the characters of the following four types.
  • Re-enter new password to confirm

    Re-type New Password

    Re-enter new password to confirm

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  • The user has all password management responsibility, and the fault caused by neglient use and unathorized use of third party is all responsible for the user.
  • Acts such as recording, making a note of password violate group password policy.
  • Because the Self-authorization is processed through a mobile phone, particular management of mobile should be required.